vegan food fails

Terrible vegan food you’ve been served

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Did you hear about the ‘vegan meal’ ordered by Georgina Jarvis at a restaurant in Malaga, Spain – which turned out to consist of just a plate of tomatoes cut into quarters, liberally garnished with rings of raw red onion?


vegan food fails


Unfortunately Georgina isn’t the only vegan who’s received a bizarrely underwhelming meal when dining out, or whilst attending a wedding or works do.

Check out these hilarious descriptions of vegan meal fails that people shared with me on my Facebook page


“I was given a plate full of tinned plum tomatoes as my vegan breakfast at a B&B, there must have been two tins on the plate. That was it, nothing else.”


“I was at a wedding about 16 years ago and my vegan meal was… a jacket potato with baked beans and a piece of lettuce. Not a side salad, an actual single piece of lettuce.”


“I went to a wedding in Dominican Republic and had a plate of marrow. It was cooked, but nothing else on the plate at all.”


“I had a 3 course lunch that was melon, vegetables, more melon. They asked if I wanted afternoon tea, I said ‘is it more melon’. He nodded sadly.”


“I had the ‘pleasure’ of being served grated carrot, chunks (yes chunks) of raw onion and a lettuce leaf.”


“I once got served just an avocado, cut in half, still in its skin with the stone in.”


“A Dublin hotel gave me a starter of lettuce. No dressing.”


“In Spain I had a bowl of nothing but wild mushrooms presented to me as the non-meat option. Now, I do love mushrooms, but to be given a gigantic bowl of nothing BUT mushrooms – especially the bizarre, long stalked type with tiny caps… it kind of put me off mushrooms for about a year.”


“I ordered vegan options for our works Xmas do – they did us hummus and carrot sticks.”

Caterers! Veganism is going mainstream and it’s estimated that over half a million people in the UK now follow a plant-based diet. Please stop with the sad, solitary vegetables on a plate and learn how to cook interesting vegan options! There are plenty of recipe books out there to help and vegans will be more than happy to assist you.

Do you have any other tales of miserable vegan food fails? Let me know in the comments below!


    Is it just me or do some restaurants seem to enjoy giving vegans the worst thing they can think of? It’s like you’re being slightly punished for turning down the vegetarian staples of goats’ cheese and mozarella so deserve it ๏ฟฝ

    Vegetarian can still shock and disappoint. I ordered a dish that cost ยฃ8 from the same menu as my parents. It was a shrunken half aubergine on a small plate with losts of salad (which had some rotten leaves clinging on to it) it had a cheesy minty filling but it had obviously been reheated. I complained and for 2 extra quid got the other half, freshly cooked and as it should be.

    Here’s my page, just crying out for more epic vegan meal fails:

    Work event: two slices of very thick, dry and somewhat stale brown bread, no spread, some dry, very bitter lollo rosso, no dressing. Seriously?

    At a work Xmas party, having given the restaurant two months’ notice and agreeing a menu with the maรฎtre d’, I was served a starter of half an avocado with some slices of tomato, followed by an undressed garden salad as a main. In the middle of winter. I was then told they couldn’t give me a dessert, even though they had three vegan sorbets on their menu.

    I was hospitalized for a while and asked for a vegan meal. The next morning my tray came– giant tray with a silver dome over a plate. I lifted it, and then was a tiny half of a plain bagel underneath. Nothing else. They couldn’t even give the whole bagel.

    I once had a meal for an event at a restaurant. They came to me on the day quite proud that they cooked a vegan meal especially for me. It was a chip butty.

    Buffet ordered for a work event. I got lettuce between two slices of dry bread. It came on a paper plate, wrapped in cling-film with ‘vegan’ written on it.

    My partners first meal in hospital after a heart valve replacement was a Plate of iceberg lettuce & 2 small cherry tomatoes ! On further enquiry they said they’d forgot the jacket potato !!!!

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  1. Stone Forest

    Not strictly in tune with the theme of this post, but I read a story in book about travelling in Central Europe at the end of the Soviet era (I cannot remember either title or author), where the author was in a country he would not name, where, fed up with not very good ‘English’ or ‘Continental’ breakfasts, he asked for a traditional local breakfast.

    He was brought a plate of sliced beetroot and sauerkraut, with bread and pickles, a mug of sweet black coffee, and a large glass of vodka: breakfast of champions!

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