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Humpit, Leeds: vegan falafel and hummus



Whenever I get the chance to eat falafel or hummus I jump at it. Regrettably though I don’t know many places selling the former in Leeds – and the latter usually comes in the form of the stuff you buy in plastic pots from supermarkets, accompanied by a stale pita from a plastic packet.

So I was keen to check out a newish hummus and pita bar called Humpit in Leeds Corn Exchange, which has just celebrated its six month anniversary.


Humpit, the hummus and pita bar

Humpit, the hummus and pita bar


Humpit is located on the far left of Leeds Corn Exchange if you enter through the main entrance, and after I’d ordered a falafel in pita at the counter, an outside seat allowed me to take in the spectacular interior of the grand old building.

Hummus in pita is also on the menu, as well as the ‘Humpit Classic’, a bowl of hummus served with olive oil, fresh parsley, a dusting of paprika and a pita. Toppings such as spicy salsa, falafel, pine nuts and tahina, and mushrooms and onion can be added, and sides such as Mediterranean salad, mixed pickles, falafel balls and rice with lentils are also available.


Inside Humpit

Inside Humpit


The price of the falafel in pita is reasonable at £3.50, and comprises three large falafel balls, salad, and pickles, stuffed in a big pita. The food arrived quickly, and the friendly member of staff confirmed that everything else available at Humpit is also completely vegan.


Humpit's falafel in pita

Humpit’s falafel in pita


The falafel and pita were delicious – the pita fresh and fluffy, the falafel tasty and not at all oily, and the pickles adding a nice sharpness. Full of flavour and filling, it tasted as appetising as it looked. The homemade lemonade was refreshing too, and went well with the meal.


The view from Humpit's outdoor seating

The view from Humpit’s outdoor seating


It’s great to know that there’s a new place in the centre of Leeds for tasty, healthy, and filling vegan food, served quickly and at reasonable prices and located in such a nice building as the Corn Exchange. I can’t wait to return and check out Humpit’s hummus!


Humpit Hummus and Pita Bar

Leeds Corn Exchange

Sun 12:00 – 16:00

Mon – Sat 11:30 – 17:00


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