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Miley Cyrus just got a vegan tattoo and said she’s “Vegan for life!”


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Miley Cyrus just got a new tattoo to show her commitment to veganism, and declared on social media that she’s “Vegan for life!”.

The tattoo is a sunflower with a V at the bottom, generally used as a symbol for veganism and specifically used as a logo by UK-based The Vegan Society. She’s had it prominently tattooed on her bicep and has posted a couple of photos of it on Instagram – the latest of which has already reached nearly a million likes within a day.


bumper stickers all over dis bentley #vegan #emu #pablowtheblowfish ectttttt

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Trivial news? Perhaps. But here’s why Cyrus’ outspoken endorsement of veganism is a great thing.

Whatever you think about celebrity culture (and I personally can’t stand it), there’s no question that pop stars have a massive influence on today’s younger generation.

As a global household name with over 46 million likes on Facebook and nearly 70 million followers on Instagram, Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers out there.

She’s looked up to by literally millions of young people around the world and is in a powerful position to positively influence her followers by turning them on to the ethical vegan lifestyle. Veganism is receiving widespread attention everywhere and to have one of the biggest superstars in the world publically endorse it, adds credibility and is a boon for the movement.

It’s not the first time Cyrus has spoken out about veganism and animal rights. She regularly shares vegan memes and has been vociferous in her opposition to fur, culls and hunting. She regularly posts photos of vegan food and last month even hosted a vegan barbecue at an event in Miami.


If you choose to eat meat …. you love PETS not ANIMALS….. #loveanimalsdonteatthem #vegan RG @moby

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Of course, with great influence comes great responsibility. It’s very important that Cyrus and other high profile celebrities are consistent in their pro-vegan actions and messaging, as it would be damaging for the credibility of the vegan movement if she backtracked on her stated beliefs. The signs look good though that she’s indeed “Vegan for life!” and that she’ll continue to make ethical veganism look cool to her legions of fans.

What do you think about celebrity endorsements of veganism? Let me know in the comments!


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