Mattematik³: your new independent label for vegan sports on the mats



We are your new independent label for vegan sports on the mats. Mattematik³ – this is us. The word is a play on words with the German word Mathematik. The counterpart in English would be something like Mat(h)matics. So the word sounds a bit like school but defo has nothing to do with it. Everything here is about vegan sports on the mats.

Since we are damn sure that every being has the same right to live all our team members are happy vegan beings – and not just regarding the food but outside the box.

Vegan sports on the mats – what is it? For us it means: fairness, equality, compassion – one for all and all for one. We ourselves do BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Yoga and our vegan life is also an indicator for our sports and our behaviour, on as well as off the mats. This positive attitude we want to combine with our small label: vegan, fairly, sustainably and ecologically traded clothes for sports on the mats or just for the time in between, of fair pricing and designed by us. We want to make sure that this positive attitude can find its way into every wardrobe. Right now our selection is quite small but it grows daily.




Ethics and sustainability aren’t just series of letters for us: We are pretty sure that due to our acting the world can be a much better place for everyone and we believe that in the end all will be well. That might sound strange but we believe in it.

Mattematik³ – we count on you if

• You love being on the mat.

• Rolling is your passion.

• Fairness is not just a rule but a matter of course.

• You equally train body and soul.

• You love to move and make a difference, on and off the mats.

• You want to make a difference.




See you soon on the mat! Your Team from Mattematik³

Verena, Andreas, Jörg


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