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Anand Sweets, Leeds has great Indian vegan options



Anand Sweets in Harehills has been in business since 2000 and as their name suggests, specialise in traditional Indian sweets. I’d seen their name mentioned before on a Leeds vegan and vegetarian forum but had assumed that the shop sold only sweets. As I thankfully recently discovered, I couldn’t have been more wrong! They also serve a full menu of delicious Indian savouries, snacks, curries and chaats – and having recently extended their shop and created a new seating area, you can now eat freshly prepared food on the premises.


anand sweets leeds


The shop is bright and modern, with long glass shelves showcasing a large array of incredibly tempting Indian sweets and snacks. The dining area is clean and simple and you order your food at the counter.


anand sweets leeds


All of the food at Anand Sweets is vegetarian and on picking up the menu I was pleased to find lots of vegan options, all of which are clearly marked. We ordered a shared starter, a couple of mains, pilau rice, and three pieces of a fried levened bread called bhatura.

For a starter we had Alloo Tikki Chaat, a generous portion of which arrived quickly and looked really appetising. Alloo Tikki Chaat consists of chickpeas and balls made from potato, with a sauce, chutney, and chopped coriander and onion on top. It tasted great, and was full of flavours and nicely spiced.


anand sweets vegan curry


Spiciness is definitely a prominent feature of the Punjabi-Indian food at Anand Sweets – which is perfect for me, as I Iove hot curries. If you prefer your curry on the milder side though you might want to ask for a less spicy dish, which we were told the chef is happy to prepare on request.

Next up came our mains – Daal Makhani and Aloo Kofta. Daal Makhani is a rich lentil daal and I enjoyed eating it in the traditional way, mopping it up with pieces of bread. I usually have chappatis with curry and the bhatura made a nice change, being a lighter and crisper kind of bread.


anand sweets vegan curry


Our other main was Aloo Kofta, a dish made of fried vegetable dumplings and pieces of potato, in a tomato-based sauce. This was very spicy and again, authentic and flavoursome.


anand sweets vegan curry


We were pretty full after polishing off so much food, but decided it would be rude not to try a couple of Anand’s eponymous sweets. We had a Pinni, which is a round wheat flour dessert (sometimes made using ghee, but Anand Sweets’ are vegan), and another sweet made from dates. The sweets were thankfully not too substantial or heavy and they rounded off our vegan Indian feast very nicely.


anand sweets


The prices were very reasonable with our bill coming to just £20 for a drink, a large shared starter, two mains, rice, three breads, and two sweets.

Good prices, high quality authentic Indian food and helpful, friendly service all mean that I’m sure I’ll be visiting Anand Sweets on a regular basis. In fact, I’m already planning a return trip to try one of their lunch specials (a Thali that’s even cheaper than Tharavadhu’s).

If you love great curry then you won’t be disappointed by this place.


Anand Sweets
109 Harehills Rd
Leeds, LS8 5HS

0113 248 1234


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  1. Tamar

    Hi, was the dal makhani definitely vegan? Makhani means butter, and the dish is usually made with butter and cream 🙁

      • Tamar

        Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

        I love dal, and I’m always hearing how delicious dal makhani is! Now I know where I can get some.